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Fezzes' Livejournal

Here's a few icons from the new season 6 promos:

Also, I dug up some leftover s5 icons I somehow must have forgotten to post earlier:

Please do not repost them or use them as bases! Thanks
22nd-Aug-2009 12:45 pm - Season 6 Huddy Promo Wallpaper

I made a Huddy Wallpaper from the new season 6 promo pics.

You can download a 1280*1024 version HERE on deviantART.

Please do not repost this anywhere or use it as a base for your own art! Thank you!

Do you like it? Please comment!
16th-Jul-2009 01:36 pm - First season 6 House icons!

After posting so many Lisa icons lately, it's time to get back to House. Here are my first few season 6 icons and I've put them behing a cut just in case!

Click here to see the iconsCollapse )
12th-Jul-2009 04:26 pm - Some icons of Lisa E. in Rome

I know I have not posted much lately - I'm in the middle of my final exams. In fact, I was avoiding studying for tomorrow's exam by making these few Lisa icons just  now:

Please credit if you want to use them! No reposting at fanpop or similar sites without my permission.

5th-Jul-2009 12:10 pm - Resources
Brushes, Patterns & Textures:

cooloring || soaked || lookslikerain || coffeeforcloser || ohfreckle 

infinite_muse || velvetb0x  || erniemay 

Non-LJ sites:

Angelic Trust


Hybrid Genesis



A lot of my early sources no longer exsist unfortunately. I try to keep this list as accurate as possible, but if you find something I've used without proper credit, please don't hesistate to PM me so I can add the credit!
21st-Jun-2009 01:22 am - A Huddy vector artwork!

I have not made a vector artwork in - I don't know - maybe three or four years. After seeing this one screencap I knew it was time for a new one. I've been working on it for the past week, whenever I was tired of working on uni stuff and finally here is the finished artwork! I hope you like it as much as I do. :)

Please do not repost it without my permission!

Click here and take a look!Collapse )
12th-May-2009 07:58 pm - 5.24 icons

Please credit!
Do not repost!
5th-May-2009 08:57 pm - Three Huddy banners

Okay, so i did not get to the wallpaper-making yet, here's three Huddy banners first. Please give credit if you want to use them!

+3 Huddy BannersCollapse )

5th-May-2009 12:17 am - Tuesday is icon-making day!

Like every Huddy Fan the promos for today's episode got me super-excited. I took tomorrow off and I promise I'll make more icons than I ever did for a single eppy before! In order not to have too many icon posts, I'll keep updating this one.

Please remember: Credit me when using the icons, do not use them as bases or re-upload them anywhere without permission!
Reviews are loved!

Edit 11.17am CET - +6 HQ icons! (27 in total)
Edit: 1.15pm CET - + 6 HQ icons (33 in total)
Edit 8.50pm CET - + 6 HQ icons (39 in total)



All icons under the cutCollapse )
30th-Apr-2009 07:29 pm - Happy Huddy Day!

Okay, so I needed to make icons right away:

Image Image Image
Image Image Image

And some old stuff: I made those for the edelsteinstills challenges - and won!


Image Image



I also made a new banner for my LJ - what do you think? Yay or Nay?

Please: credit when using, no re-making of my art or reposting my stuff elsewhere without permission!
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